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Things To Do in Amari.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Depending on the season, various activities can be organised. All the activities that follow require planning, so please contact us in advance if you are interested in participating.

A vast richness in landscape captures the imagination. Vivid colours trail in between tawny tones of earth. Demeter, the Goddess of Nature and Harvest is present at every turn. Olive groves stretch as far as the eye can see and guests are encouraged to enjoy the experience of:

-Grape harvesting, treading grapes and following the process right through to the final product of a delicious, fruity wine. -Distilling of grapes to make raki

-Picking of olives to make olive oil

-Tending the "Visitors' Garden". Herbs abound in the temperate, balmy climate and of course, are used in the culinary delights of Amarian food.

-Walking in the unspoilt land that has seen war and peace and the rise and fall of many civilisations over the centuries. -Earning how to identify the various chorta (wild field greens)

-Enjoying Cretan music and dancing.

-Going on trips to the sea

-Baking bread and making paximadia (local rusks)

-Making gliko tou koutaliou (fruits in syrup) or jamsembroidering and crochet

-Taking donkey rides

-Listening to village stories from the old folk (with a translator of course) and looking at old photos

-Attending the Renaissance festival up in the Venetian fortress in Rethymno

-Bee-keeping and how the honey is made

-Learning how feta cheese and graviera are made

-Watching the old flour mill at work

-Shearing sheep

-Participating in local festivals

-Getting to know old traditional crafts and professions

-Collecting wild herbs like sage, mint, oregano

-Photographing flora, fauna and landscape

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