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Speaking to the Stars

With  Roi Gal Or  and  Stella Kassimati


The meeting place between Myth and autobiographical storytelling

In the village of Amari, cradled in the foothills of the majestic Psiloriti (Idi) mountain, we will walk the paths of the ancients, creatively and playfully discover new ways of communicating with ourselves, with nature and with each other.Join us for 8 days in this Ancient Cretan landscape to explore the dwelling places of Homer's Gods and Goddesses by the sea, in caves and on mountains. Together we will discover the meeting place between Myth and autobiographical storytelling, bringing to life our personal journey , celebrating human freedom and responsibility and how they are deeply connected with nature.

In the writings of Homer (1000 BC), the Gods were intimately involved in human affairs, controlling and guiding the destiny of human beings, but humans had very limited freedom. Today individual freedom is of great value, often at the expense of our relationship with the natural world.  Our freedom is essential, yet we long for connection, guidance and inspiration at a time when it seems the Gods and Goddesses have grown silent.

The Inner Wheel

With  Sue Hollingsworth  and  Stella Kassimati

A knowledge of the four temperaments or humours were used by the ancient Greeks to diagnose and treat illness in the human body. The temperaments were linked to the four elements fire, water, earth and air and it was said that a whole, healthy person had all four temperaments in balance.

How can an understanding of the temperaments help us as storytellers bring more health and balance, spice and variety to both our storytelling and our storytelling repertoire? What undiscovered parts of ourselves could we bring to the stories we choose to tell and how might that change the way we tell them? Using movement, music, masks and storytelling exercises we will explore a story of your choice through the wheel of the temperaments - who knows what we might discover?!     

This is a course for storytellers with some experience who would enjoy being stretched in a supportive, playful atmosphere which includes individual coaching. The timetable will allow for a free day where we might go to the beach or visit an ancient site and will feature the sumptuous Greek food of extraordinary cook Maria, the stunning, peaceful scenery of the Amari Valley as well as a deep dive into the art of storytelling with Sue and Stella.

Expenses NOT included in prices:

- Travel to and from Amari
- Personal and travel insurance cover

- Personal drinks, e.g. wine with meals

Demeter and Persephone: Gifts for the Future

With Stella Kassimati and Pelin Turgut 

Sue Pomegranates.jpeg

In ancient Greece, the myth of Demeter and Persephone was not just a story. It was a practice. For centuries, every year, thousands of people took part in rites held at Demeter’s Temple on the outskirts of Athens. Forgotten cyclical wisdom lies at the heart of this great myth. Persephone’s journey into the Underworld brings autumn and winter; her return, the spring. The cycle of growth, expansion, decay and rebirth is the rhythm of all life. Demeter’s gift to humanity was wheat and agriculture – the secrets of how plants grow. As Euripides, the great ancient Greek playwright says: “In human affairs there are two powers which are supreme. The first is Demeter, Goddess of our Earth, who supplied humankind with solid food.”

What can this myth bring us in this time of ecological collapse, as we seek to regenerate the earth? What gifts for the future might the gods and goddesses hold? Join us for a hands-on, week-long exploration of these themes in beautiful Amari, Crete – still a place of wild beauty. We will spend time with locals who still live by the old ways – beekeeping and animal tending. There will be plenty of time in nature, resting and regenerating our souls after two tough years.

No experience of storytelling is necessary.     

(all prices are in euros)

 Price includes: tuition, accommodation and full board

 Expenses NOT included in prices:

- Travel to and from Amari
- Personal and travel insurance cover

- Personal drinks, e.g. wine with meals   

Personal Storytelling Intensive with Sue Hollingsworth 

This 3-week storytelling training focuses on the telling of real life, autobiographical stories to tell to a group of listeners. By the end of the course you will have the skills necessary to shape and craft any story that you want to tell, whether it's around the kitchen table to your family and friends or to a hall or school packed full of people.

Many people these days have a story to tell: it might be an important moment in their lives, something funny or sad that involved members of the family that are not with them any more, or their personal involvement in a larger, historical happening.

But there are many questions about how to do this well:

How can we share a true story so that it is not just egotistical?

How can we tell a story as if it were a gift to our listeners?

How can we move people, touch them and help them to see more clearly what it is to be human?

How do we shape our life stories so that they will be remembered and passed on?

How can we stand in our voices and words and be completely present, revealing our whole selves?


The course will include practical story crafting in the mornings and coaching in small groups in the afternoons. Sue will be joined by experienced story coach Stella Kassimati for the coaching sessions, to ensure everyone gets maximum individual attention. Some previous storytelling experience is beneficial but beginners will also be considered. A good working knowledge of English is required.

Price includes: tuition, accommodation and full board except weekend meals.
Not included in the price are weekend meals - Friday and Saturday supper and Saturday and Sunday lunch; personal and travel insurance; drinks with meals eg wine; travel to and from Amari. 

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