Story Library

One of our aims is to collect the stories of the Amari Valley. This page is dedicated to this purpose. Meanwhile there are many websites with story collections or about storytelling and here are some of them.

Center for the Study and Dissemination of Myths and Folktales:

Panhellenic Society of Friends of Storytelling:

Σπουδαστήριο Νέου Ελληνισμού:

School of Storytelling at Emerson:

Emerson College, England:

The Society for Storytelling: 

Sue Hollingsworth: 

Hugh Lupton:

Centre for Biographical Storytelling: 

Ashley Ramsden: 

Roi Gal-Or:

Daniel Morden: 

Tim Sheppard:


The Story Museum:


Storytellers of Canada - Storysave:

Source for old English texts including Beowulf, Caedmon:

The Gateway to Humanity Healing Words Festival:

The Healing Story Alliance:

Story Arts, on line:

Story books:'Greece'

The Hasidic Stories:

The Internet Sacred Text Archive:

Story lovers: SOS = searching out stories

Tales online:

Read classic books on line:


University of Pittsburgh project:

Grimm in six languages! Alas not in Greek:

Link to creation myths from everywhere except Ancient Greece!:

International Folktale Collection: 

Teaching Tales: 

The World of Tales: 

The Story - biblical:

Margaret Read Macdonald: 

International Folktale collection:

Amnon Buchbinder's 'Biology of Story' Website:

Tree Stories:$FILE/fcms128.pdf

 Arabian nights:

Free e-books:

Short stories:

 Fairytales of the World:

 Healing Stories:

  Historical Children's Literature: 

Fairytales collection:

 More English Fairytales:

 Articles on various uses of storytelling

Oral recordings of traditional stories from Scotland  


Ancient Greek Music

Bible stories from a woman's perspective

Early recordings of Scots travellers

Archive of storytelling videos

A hundred Hungarian Folktales

 Jewish Women's Archives 

Good website on basics for Greek Pantheon and myths  

Info on many ancient myths 

Many Greek myths told by our patron Hugh Lupton 

The Electronic Text Corpus of Sumerian Literature 


The Earth Storytellers 

The Earth Stories Collection 

Internet Archive library - millions of free books