Types of membership

Μέλη | Τύποι Μελών | Ποιοι είμαστε
Anyone over 18 years of age may become a Member of the Association by agreeing with the aims and principles of the Association.

Guest member of the Association is one who expresses an interest in participating (from 1 to 21 consecutive days) in any activity; or who leads an activity; or who is a guest of a Member. The Guest Membership fee is valid for a one time visit to Amari and the Guest Members agree to uphold the principles and aims of the Association while in Amari.

A Member of the Association is one who declares an interest in the Association's aims and activities and pays a joining fee, valid for life, plus an annual subscription.

New Members have the following rights and benefits:

  • Take part in all activities of the Association
  • Receive advance information about programme and events
  • Have priority for bookings
  • Belong to the wider community "Friends of Amari"
  • Cultivate ties with Amari and with members of the Association
  • Make proposals for future activities, programmes and events
  • Participate in work committees
  • Have access to the list of members
  • Attend A.G.M. and General Assemblies as a non-voting member who may participate in discussions
  • Seek Full Membership after at least two years

A Member of the Association is one who shows a special interest in the aims and activities of the Association, and is willing and able to actively contribute to the community.

A Member has all the rights and benefits mentioned above, plus:

  • Stay in Amari using the Association's facilities (subject to availability)
  • Invite a friend(s) (as a Guest Member) to stay with them for as long as they are in Amari
  • Have the right to vote in the General Assembly and A.G.M.
  • Can serve on the Executive Committee and hold office

How can I become a New Member of Friends of Amari?

If you are over 18 years of age and agree with the aims and principles of the Association then fill in here and a membership form and relevant information will be sent to you.