Artists in Residence

Friends of Amari welcomes artists, writers, musicians, composers, sculptors, painters, dancers and storytellers who seek a stunningly beautiful and secluded setting to work, rest and seek inspiration. The Amari valley, nestled in the mountains of Crete and far from the usual tourist traffic, offers a respite from clammer of every day life. A quiet village imbued with history and culture, Amari has been the home of artists, writers, philosophers and creative thinkers for hundreds of years.

For those who qualify for our Artist in Residence programme, we offer accommodation for up to 2 months. In return, we ask that Friends of Amari is mentioned in the acknowledgement of any work which is produced as a result of this stay. We would also ask for brief summary of the experience to share on our website.

 - see Geoff Mead

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